Steve Woody

Online Mastery Ltd, The United Kingdom

Steve Woody has led an interesting journey so far. Having served in the British Army for 6 years he was part of the initial task force who introduced Information Systems as a new career path for soldiers. After leaving life didn’t work out so well, he found himself homeless 3 times and lived in his car for six months, had a bad gambling addiction and went bankrupt in 2006. After finding some traction and setting up his own business printing T-shirts there was a conflict and he walked away from his partner, family and business. It was at this point when he found personal development and started to work on himself.

In 2013 he took his passion of building websites and decided to make a business from it. After competing with people from India and the Philippines Steve learnt that people could build websites cheaper than him because they had lower cost of living so he decided to focus on the one thing that no-one was delivering. Strategy. Steve has since written an international best-selling book called Plan Your Website, he sits on the advisory board for a Global Charity and has generated over £100,000 in Digital sales of his online courses which teach business owners how to use the right online systems to attract more traffic and convert the right prospects to create more profits and enjoy more free time