Predrag Ignjatović

Predrag Ignjatović is a dedicated programmer and software architect. After numerous successes in the fields of mathematics, physics and natural sciences during his formal education he shifts his focus toward software development in ICT companies. During last two years, apart from developing software his main occupation is the creation of a programming team in NetCast company. His main activities now are mentorship, leading teams and following new technologies and methodologies. At the moment he is leading several projects and a 7-people strong team, while NetCast development team has over 10 software solutions.

Hi is a big fan of Java and all the things inspired by Java; he loves excellent seminars, quality books, travels, different people and tasty beer and coffee. Most of his days are dedicated to his colleagues and research, the least part to sleeping and he does not plan to change that.
What will be topics of Predrag’s talk:

About NetCast development team – A quick introduction to our projects and how we came from a single programmer to a powerful software manufacturing team

Advantages of frequent technology shifts – How switching languages, frameworks, architectures and methodologies can be beneficial to development process

Importance of internal and external education – How seminars, conferences and presentation help create strong programmers

Roles and hat switching – Nurture expertise, but no matter the position inside the team every member must have chance to work outside their skill set and comfort zone

From hiring process to a functional team member