Norbert Kunz

CEO of Social Impact gGmbH, Germany

Norbert Kunz is one of the highest-profile social entrepreneurs in Germany. For more than twenty years he has been advising and supporting founders of new businesses and has actively brought forward the development of social innovations as co-founder of several organizations. In his role as CEO of the non-profit business Social Impact gGmbH he is focusing on the development of an infrastructure of social innovation and on the support of social startups. He initiated the foundation of the first Social Impact Labs in Berlin in 2011 and the launch of the first business incubation program for social startups in Germany. Today, there are numerous labs and incubation programs all over Germany.

Previously he co-founded various organizations, such as the German Microfinance Institute and StattautoCarsharing AG Berlin. Since 2007, Nobert Kunz has been an Ashoka Fellow. The Schwab Foundation awarded him as ‘Social Entrepreneur of the Year’ in Germany in 2010 and, in 2011, as ‘Social Entrepreneur of Europe’. In addition, he is a Member of the Global Agenda Council on Social Innovation, as well as of the European Commission Expert.