Lidija Markovic Rosati

Momentum Strategies Co-founder

The United Kingdom, Serbia

Lidija Markovic Rosati left the corporate world to pursue her many passions that range from travelling the world to delivering high level NLP, Leadership and effective communication trainings. She helps entrepreneurs globally raise their game, by being innovative in creating sustainable businesses. Mindset shift and psychology of success are her speciality.

She is a co-creator of Momentum Method – a set of tools designed for the 21st century and beyond, that lay the groundwork for enhanced performance and success. A true game changer and author of Amazon #1bestseller – Gaining While Losing – The Gentle Art of Transformation.

Curious nomad – born in Eastern Europe, lives in Western Europe and works across the globe. The world is her playground. Her biggest breakthrough: Leaving behind the safe corporate world and having courage to embark on the most beautiful adventure called – entrepreneurship with a flair.