Jovan Simic

EXIT Foundation, Serbia

Jovan Simic is a 25 year old social activist and humanitarian worker from Belgrade. He has, for 3 years of his work through his charity auctions and drives, raised over 500000. His charity work is usually connected to sport and people are interested in a different way because of it.

It all started with a charity auction of his football jersey collection for the treatment of Nadja Novakovic who was diagnosed with a rare stem cell disease for which the treatment in a German hospital required 300.000. Because of his auction, the entirety of the Serbian public was involved and the sum was raised in a couple of days.

Then came many other projects and the ones that deserve mentioning the most are “Sportski Bazar (Sport Bazaar)”, where famous athletes themselves sold their own jersey and memorabilia from their own careers, big charity football exhibition match “Asovi za decu (Stars for Kids)” that got together the greatest names of Yugoslav and Serbian football such as Dejan Stankovic, Predrag Mijatovic, Mateja Kezman, Nikola Zigic, Bora Milutinovic, Radomir Antic and many more.