Hila Oren

CEO of The Tel Aviv Foundation, Israel

Hila aims to identify and support public-private partnerships aligned with the vision of the Mayor and the Municipality. She is passionate about innovative practices and programs that fuel urban development and positively impact the lives of citizens. She previously founded and served as CEO of Tel Aviv Global, a private company affiliated with the Tel Aviv Municipality dedicated to elevating the city’s global positioning. During her term, the Startup City vision was formed – a municipal strategic plan for investors, entrepreneurs, tourists and students connecting a city platform with a private initiative.

Hila’s prior experience also includes serving as the Director General for the Tel Aviv Centennial Administration and the Director of Tourism Operations for the Society of the Protection of Nature in Israel. She is currently a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography at Haifa University. She holds a BA and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Tel Aviv University, with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. She also completed a program at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Hila serves is a board member of Amidar and the Vertigo Dance Troupe, is the Chairman of the School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem, and is a member of the Culture Directorate for the Festival Department at the Israeli Ministry of Culture. She further serves as an Advisor on Cultural and Educational Affairs for 9 local governments in Israel.