About Us

INAT Summit (Innovation Attitude Summit) is an IT conference to be held in Belgrade in April 2017.

We, INAT Summit team, are a group of knowledgeable, curious and ambitious professionals. We do not speak very formally and we believe in a good sense of humor. We want to be in the know and now, but trends do not impress us too much. Rather, we care more about the people building and using technology than the technology itself.

Our vision is to empower IT talents around the region to develop their ideas further while developing their communities.

Due to the fact that CEE region is still an area whose IT geniuses have not been visible to a high extent, we intend to:

Ultimately, whatever might happen to the current IT market, we will always stand for our core pillar: supporting talent and quality ideas!

We’d love you to join us and hang out with us at the very first, 2017 INAT Summit!